TCTF Science Prison

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Chapter 12: Sins of the Father (TCTF Science Prison)

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They told us that abuse of technology was the enemy and that the Technology Crimes Task Force was our guardian.


Keep research under WCG control, especially bio- and nanotechnology which could prove disruptive to their world order. Scientists who conduct prohibited research are considered renegades, and will likely end up in one of those TCTF prisons. Bertram Navarre is still on the run.


  • Look closely at the level's splashscreen. There are at least 112 science prisons?! These facilities are clearly a huge part of the WCG's means of controlling technology. Are any legitimate scientists not in a science prison?
  • Are Black Ops really necessary in a TCTF guarded area?
  • Was Konoko supposed to get killed? The guard with the mercury rifle didn't even try to arrest her.
13_65_38 Security Guard: Target acquired. It's her!