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The "science prison" in which CHAPTER 12 . SINS OF THE FATHER takes place is #112 in a global network of laboratories. The TCTF apparently keeps scientists captive in these labs in order to further the WCG's control of technology. It's possible that only scientists who conduct prohibited research like Dr. Kerr end up in one of these TCTF prisons, with their projects redirected to aid the WCG (however Bertram Navarre is still on the run…). It's noteworthy that even though Konoko is now considered an enemy of the TCTF, the scientists here are eager to help her, generously doling out ammo and hypos.

They told us that abuse of technology was the enemy and that the Technology Crimes Task Force was our guardian.

—The Rebellion, Manual

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The Science Prison contains a grand entrance which leads to a guard room full of monitors for watching the scientists conduct their experiments, followed by a laser field attached to Mercury Bow turrets. It's clear that visitors cannot waltz into this facility without clearance.

Three floors of lab space are found beyond this, with silhouettes of humans in tanks for unknown purposes. A walkway on the top floor leads to a set of three rooms with enormous power generators. A hallway runs alongside these three rooms, patrolled by TCTF. The generator rooms connect to a scanner room in which Dr. Kerr is able to examine Konoko's Chrysalis.

At the end of a long hallway is a two-story room containing more guards. On the other side of this room is an unusual space: a ramp leading downward through a laser field and more Mercury Bow turrets, followed by a ramp rising up on the other side. This dip in the level takes the player beneath the area where they started, specifically the guard room inside the main entrance.

At the other end of the ramp, past some equipment, is a long space full of acid vats and mechanical grinders labeled "the biomatter disposal vats", likely for destruction of failed or completed experiments that the TCTF doesn't want the public to know about.

Added value

  • Do Black Ops normally patrol these labs, or are they expecting Konoko? The number of troops in this level eventually becomes so overwhelming that by the time Konoko's meeting with Kerr is done, she feels that the only way she can possibly escape with her life is to jump into a vat of acid.