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Incoming from my talk page... could do with further trimming. geyser

Pathfinding etc

Hi Geyser,
Do you know where the data for the pathfinding grid is stored?
I am asking because I am fed up with AIs being permanently stucked in walls or doors,
because of missing red aka "STOP" pathfinding tiles. Thank you in advance
Loser 13:49, 27 December 2006 (CET)

I've been looking for the grids for some time, without much success.
BNVs are almost certainly related to pathfinding, and maybe the BSP trees, too.
But I have no clear picture right now, and no time to investigate.
(BTW, when I have a clear picture of anything, I document it pretty soon ;) )
See OBD:BINA/TMBD for texture-material assignments. You can make anything breakable by gunfire/combos now.
Also, it's pretty easy to fix the stupid curbs (sidewalks etc) so that you don't have to jump over them.
Or to reveal the hidden doors in the warehouse. But here we come to the pathfinding issue again.
Pierre has asked several unanswered questions on the forum, one of them about the blocking algorithm for AI.
Could you describe the effect of the blocking parameters known to you HERE? Thank you.
(for my part, I've looked into a few TRAM-related things concerning melee: SABD, attack RAW-chunks...)
As for your semi-question HERE:
it seems that both *Run For Alarm* behavior and *Run To Alarm* If no gun events are bugged in the same way and are defunct.
Or there are missing labels "this is alarm console, you silly AI" in console files.
I don't know and I think we can live without that.
Or do you think about something else???
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about...
Don't assume I've been hacking the same things as you.
geyser 17:42, 27 December 2006 (CET)

Update on pathfinding grids.
I'm almost certain everything you need is in the AKVA.
Running around after doing chr_show_bnv=1 and ai2_chump
strongly suggests that there's one BNV per grid and vice versa.
Various "big" parameters of the grid will be in th DAT,
and the tiles I'd expect to be in the RAW.
Good hunting. And be sure to update the related pages if you're lucky.
geyser 19:24, 27 December 2006 (CET)

AKVA & pathfinding:

MY left arm is raised into the air under 45°--> and two fingers up. Geyser, you are GENIUS!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

--Loser 05:10, 29 December 2006 (CET)

Doing dubious gestures with your arms and fingers isn't the best way to thank me...
Please tell us all you know about melee profiles: specifically, blocking parameters.
You could also tell me more on those "Run For/To Alarm If Whatever" behaviors...
But I suppose you're too busy hacking pathfinding grids right now... ^^
Happy New Year
geyser 21:22, 29 December 2006 (CET)

Ok ok DON'T FROGBLAST the Loser's core!!! aka I apologize for my salute...
Of course I am hacking pathfinding grid like some maniac now and my opinion on ONI's *AI stucking in everything* is more and more sharper. It seems that 3/4 of the whole AI stucking problem is simply undone and not enough tested pathfinding grid. I did some experiments and results are very promising (AI does't stuck in the door or on staircase when chasing you), so we will see and maybe I will release pathfinding patch for level 1 via Oni UnPacker. BTW there are some relicts of earlier layout of obstacles still visible in the grid ^_^
About those alarm features:
First, we have "Run For Alarm" CMBT behavior. When you assign it to some distance and let AI notice you and be in that distance, AI will simply freeze and don't move. If AI has weapon, it will fire at you, but not moving with exception of weapon dodge event. IMO this behavior is only half-functional. But problem is that if AI is in *run for alarm* state (by ai2_doalarm for example) it needs console to run to. You can try a little experiment: tell AI to use console that is behind locked door. AI will ignore that command and act as usual with its behaviors. But what if BEHAVIOR is to use console behind locked door??? AI will freeze. With "Run For Alarm" it is similar, only there aren't any locked door but IMO there are missing (or I hope only disabled) labels *FOR ALL AIs: this is Alarm console* in console bina data. So...what console we are running to, if there isn't any but it is setted as behavior??? We will freeze ^_^. But I think this behavior was abandoned somewhere in alpha version because there is missing quite important "What should I do, if there is no labeled console in "Alarm console search distance"???
Second, there is "Run to Alarm" event that belong to "If no gun" slot. So after AI ,which is armed, deplete all its ammo, it should run for alarm. My opinion is similar to that one above, only with exception that there is "What should I do, if there is no labeled console in "Alarm console search distance"??? Answer is in this case "act as usual". Or this whole thing is defunct and ignored, but I don't think so even if I don't have any evidence for that.
Third, happy New Year 2007 and may the almighty God bless you !!!
--Loser 19:22, 31 December 2006 (CET)