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Special ONCC overview

"Here you can download the complete overview of all used different ONCC files as a text file.
Copy it to a spreadsheet calculation program like Excel." - ssg

Obsolete ONCC links in AISA

Obsolete ONCCs with a matching TRBS name
ONCC name TRBS name Notes
G_female1 G_female1_body_high
G_male1 G_male1_body_high
ninja_1 ninja_1_body_high
sec_1 sec_1_body_high
sec_2 sec_2_body_high
striker_3 striker_3_body_high
Tanker_2 tanker_2_body_high
TCL_1 TCL_1_body_high
TCL_2 TCL_2_body_high
thug_7 thug_7_body_high
thug_9 thug_9_body_high
thug_15 thug_15_body_high
thug_16 thug_16_body_high

Thanks to obsolete data in AISA files, we know the names of twenty ONCCs that no longer exist but must have existed at some point (or there wouldn't have been links to them).

As usual, invalid ONCCs are resolved by picking the first available ONCC (in ASCII order, i.e., SH_generic comes before barabus), but in Vanilla Oni this only happens once:
(in lab, the TCTF Lite trooper who talks to Konoko during the Mad Bomber scene is specified as ONCCTCL_2, and is resolved as ONCCTCTF_lite_1;
in Anniversary Edition, the custom ONCC Cop_generic is set up as a fallback instead, taking precedence over the globally available Cop* ONCCs)

Most of the obsolete ONCCs have names that match an existing TRBS (c.f. table on the right): this may indicate an early development stage when enemies were not yet color-coded (possibly camo only?), and civilians did not have TRMA variants either.

There is also one instance of an AISA link to "ONCCthug_11", apparently a missing thug variant. (There are 19 thug_#_body_high TRBSs in Oni, numbered from 1 to 30; thug_11_body_high is among the missing ones.)

Two "generic" ONCCs seem to

  • TCTFswat_generic (probably no different from TRBSTCTFswat_body_high, likely with "Lion Ops" textures)
  • striker_generic (apparently from an era where there Strikers had neither TRMA nor TRBS variations)

Tanker ONCCs deserve a special mention, because we can make some well-informed guesses as for their appearance.

MP arena 1-6.jpg Genesis Level3 1.jpg Pre-beta Airport.jpg
ONCCTanker_generic? ONCCTanker_casual1? ONCCTanker_casual2?

Last but not least, the two TCTF levels (level8_Final and level18_Final) have a link to ONCCk4_D (a missing outfit for Konoko, not clearly a casual "biker's suit" or a TCTF uniform).