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RS is still under construction. Any writing or fragment may be seen as incomplete and not final.
All RS pages on this wiki serve as a development environment. Warning: If you don't like "spoilers", don't read on.

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old pages, mostly used for brainstorming

Full Oni cycle
Caged Birds (Talk: Caged Birds)
Sturmänderung (Talk: Sturmänderung)
> Restless Souls
Silver Dawn (Talk: Silver Dawn)
Mind Seal (Talk: Mind Seal)
Beyond Dragons (Talk: Beyond Dragons)
Nature's Decision (Talk: Nature's Decision)
Wheels of time (Talk:Wheels of time)
Outside the box (Talk: Outside the box)


Caged Birds

A prequel with focus on the kids development.

Mai and Muro are physical and psychological shaped to fulfill their destiny forced on them. But how exactly did what happen.


An expansion of the original. Highlights events of other characters and fills the gaps in Konoko's diary.

Restless Souls

Possible alternative names: Black season, Daodan Days, Armageddon

"We don't know why we exist but we go on and deal with the issues of our time..."

Silver Dawn

Some people think that the Daodan is a planetary threat that must be stopped.

And the only way to do so is the injection of nanorobots into the Earth.

Mind Seal

The technological Singularity appeared and humans have more power than ever before.

To protect humans from self-destruction, they become restricted in there minds until a Biocracy can be established.

Beyond Dragons

Short for "Beyond this place there be dragons" ("Hic sunt dracones").

Some fighters from the "old world" wake up where planet Earth used to be.

Soon they begin their long journey through the galaxies to search other humans.

Nature's Decision

A social experiment with multiple Biocracies. No restrictions.

There are planetary systems with each planet having its own Biocracy philosophy.

"They" want to test which system works best. Habitants who don't agree with their Biocracy's philosophy are free to move to another planet.

Wheels of time

Part I: Story about the universe's nearing death and the possibility to prevent it.

What would you do if you have seen everything in the universe?

Would you stay alive because you are afraid of death? Or would you stay alive to enjoy life?

Part II: Nishio's reunion with planet Earth

Outside the (sand)box

A philosophic-flavored parody.

Should turn out to be a rather short one.