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Yes, when a Divhide section is set to start hidden, it throws off the browser's ability to jump to the right spot. I've never been sure whether to have that section auto-show or auto-hide. Now that it's auto-showing, you'll see that the anchor works. --Iritscen (talk) 12:50, 12 March 2014 (CET)

Change Log

OniSplit version: OniSplit v0.9.90

What's new:

  • Fixes bugs with Import/Export of M3GMs (obj files).
  • Fixes euler angle issues with exported TRAMs.
  • Fixes -noanim command to produce a standing pose.
  • In the ONWC file, you should be able to reference the dae/obj file directly then you don't need the separate M3GM.
  • When exporting AKEV, quads that have script ids assigned to them are exported to separate files. This is related to BSL commands such as env_show 540 0
  • Adds option -anim-merge to export multiple animations to a single dae. Useful in dealing with walk/run or combo animations.
  onisplit -extract:xml <destination directory>  -anim-merge -anim-body:src\Path_To_\TRBSkonoko_body_high.oni Path_To\TRAMKONCOMcomb_k.oni  Path_To\TRAMKONCOMcomb_k_k.oni Path_To\TRAMKONCOMcomb_k_k_k.oni
  • Adds a scene exporter
  OniSplit -extract:dae <destination directory> scene.xml

For example if the scene.xml file looks like this

  <Node Name="camera">
       <Camera />
   <Node Name="motorcycle02">
       <Node Name="hubs">
       <Node Name="hubs_rear">

When you load the dae in XSI you'll find the motorcycle and the lab level intro camera If you select the camera and press play you'll get to see the motorcycle into animation like you see it in game

OniSplit version: OniSplit v0.9.52

What's new:

  • When a TRBS file is exported to xml the geometry is exported to separate .dae files, one .dae file for each LOD
  • New -anim-body option. This allows a particular body (ONCC or TRBS) to be specified when exporting animations:
  onisplit -extract:xml out -anim-body:ONCCbarabus.oni TRAMsomething.oni
  • New -recurse option for the xml exporter. Have fun :)
This extracts all linked files e.g. it starts with ONCC, goes to TRAC and then extracts all TRAMs too. (This works by replacing classes file links.)
Recursive extracted files can be re-converted recursively again.
  onisplit -extract:xml out -recurse ONCCbarabus.oni
  • Changed light color in the environment importer to white (it used to be blueish)
  • New -env-notxmp option. This prevents the automatic creation of TXMP files while importing the environment.
  • Made -normals work when importing TRBS from xml + dae files.
  • Fixed the Collada importer to work with 3DSMax exported files

OniSplit version: OniSplit v0.9.40

What's new:

  • support for exporting/importing sound animations to/from xml files
  • better Collada export for environment
  • support for full color transparent textures (-format:bgra32 on the command line, ARGB8888 format in an xml file)
  • different (hopefully better) xml export format for animations (this one is actually from 0.9.38 but since that wasn't mentioned here...)
  • a more or less complete animation importer. This one deservers some notes:
-unlike other importers that produce .oni files this one produces and .xml file (similar to the one you get when exporting a TRAM)
when you do
 onisplit -create:tram target_dir animation.dae
in the target dir you'll get a TRAManimation.xml file.
You need to add some stuff to that file to make it actually work as an animation. In particular the animation type, from/to states and varient needs to be set.
-For all I know this works with animations exported from Oni and modified in Softimage. If you come up with a completly new animation it should work as long as the skeleton is similar to the one used in Oni.
-Note that the geometry that is present inside the Collada file is used to compute the "vertical extents" so it better be the same or close to the one the animation is intended for.
-The biggest problem are the attacks. While it's not difficult to add attacks to the xml file, computing the necessary "extents" is not going to be easy. I guess in the end I'll have to add some command to OniSplit to do it.
-Everything else that I forgot :)


New OniSplit version: OniSplit v0.9.37

What's new:

  • support for transparency in the environment importer

New OniSplit version: OniSplit v0.9.35

What's new:

  • conversion of recorded films (.dat binary files) to xml files that can be used to create FILM .oni files
   OniSplit film2xml out_dir film.dat

New OniSplit version: OniSplit v0.9.34

What's new:

  • SNDD importer
-WAV files (.wav, mono/stereo, 22.05KHz/44.1KHz, uncompressed(PCM)/compressed(MS-ADPCM)) produce SNDD files that are compatible with Oni PC retail.
-AIFC files (.aif/.aifc/.afc, mono/stereo 22.05KHz, compressed(ima4)) produce SNDD files that are compatible with Oni Mac.

 OniSplit -create out_dir test.aif
 OniSplit -create out_dir test.wav

  • LOD support for creating TRBS files. This can be done by creating an xml file containing the following:
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <Oni Version="">
     <Instance id="0" type="TRBS">
and running the command (assuming the created xml file's name is barabus_body.xml):
 OniSplit -create out_dir barabus_body.xml
It's not strictly necessary to create 5 different geometries for each LOD. The following works just as well:
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <Oni Version="">
     <Instance id="0" type="TRBS">

  • An xml file can contain "links" to other xml/obj/dae files. For example you can have the following line in an ONWC xml file:
Assuming the file pistol.obj exists in the same directory an M3GM .oni file will be automatically created from it.
Relative paths work just as well:

  • The -create:subt, -create:txmp and -create:m3gm are sort of obsolete. They still work but now you can simply use '-create' (or just 'create'):
 OniSplit -create out_dir crate.dae
 OniSplit create out_dir -format:bgr555 -genmipmaps pic.tga
 OniSplit create out_dir subtitles.txt

  • Work in progress: the AKEV importer now reads Collada materials so the resulting AKEV is textured.
Sample levels:
TestLevel1 -- This level should look like this in-game: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
TestLevel2 -- This level should look like this in-game: Image 1
A zip file contains the minimum needed to get a new level running in Oni. To "compile" a level extract it to a folder and run the following commands:
 OniSplit -create out -genmipmaps -format:dxt1 *.xml
 OniSplit -import:nosep . Oni\GameDataFolder\level1_Final.dat
(Of course, you need to change the output .dat file path to match your Oni installation path)
Note1: The hexagon level needs to be scaled up to work properly. Use the envscale option for this:
 OniSplit -create out -genmipmaps -format:dxt1 -envscale:40 *.xml
Note2: I've updated the level files to contain 20 empty corpses to prevent crashes.