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"How long is 'a few cycles'?" "Not long..." "It figures."

Collected below are various fan works. For the cancelled Oni sequel, see Oni 2 (Angel Studios).


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Here's a seven-logo cycle. Enjoy.

By Geyser


Truth Number Zero


By Seventeen Seconds and Guido

Wasteland Flowers

An epilogue.

By Paradox-01

Caged Birds

A potential prequel. (Actually made for RS' story consolidation.)

Restless Souls

A sequel.

By Iritscen

Slaves of War

Another sequel.


A start at writing some prequel/flashback material.

By TheCreature


An Oni sequel by TheCreature, written with some influence from the Joint Story.

The Hasegawa Journal

Events in Hasegawa's POV before and after Jamie's death.

By the community


A Storyline for Oni 2

A summary of an epic community discussion from the heyday of the old forum.

Joint Story

A story written collaboratively by a few members of the forum.

Grand Unified Theory

An attempt at unification (?).

Also see

Anniversary Edition

A modding framework, a mod installer, and a collection of patches for Oni.

Older incarnations:
Oni ni Kanabo
Binary Improvement Project

New games and experiments

See Alternative engines for games developed in other engines that are re-implementations of Oni or inspired by Oni.