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Amanda Winn-Lee
Norm Woodel
Kurt Naebig
Kevin Gudahl
Bob O'Donnell
Pete Stacker
Anne Bowerman?
George Adams?
Doug Zartman

Main voices

Amanda Winn-Lee

Wikipedia page

Has voiced various anime heroines, such as Deunan in Appleseed, Gally in GUNNM, Nancy Makuhari in Read or Die OVA, and Rei in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Amanda's focus eventually shifted from voice acting to directing anime dubs. Now semi-retired.

Norm Woodel

Official website

A popular male voice in the USA: commercials, narration, etc. You can listen to samples HERE.

Kurt Naebig


An actor and, as of 2016, a long-time drama teacher at the Acting Studio of Chicago.

KurtNaebig3.jpg KurtNaebig2.jpg

Kevin Gudahl


An actor, mainly in theater.

Kevin Gudahl.jpg

Bob O'Donnell


Father of Oni's lead sound designer Marty O'Donnell. Did the voice of several units in Myth.

Pete Stacker

Official website

Like Norm Woodel, he's a popular male voice in commercials, promotions, movie trailers, etc. He has voiced the trailers for e.g. Batman Begins, A Scanner Darkly, Hide and Seek, The New World (and comedy, too). But he's best known for Budweiser's Real Men of Genius series, where he teamed up with ex-Survivor singer Dave Bickler (the one who sang Eye of the Tiger).

PeteStacker2.jpg DaveBickler.jpg

The first pic is Pete (front) before/after a fun session about Bud Light's Real Men of Genius, together with Dave Bickler (left), on Foxx and MacKenzie's show on 97.1 radio ("#1 for classic rock"). You can listen to the piece HERE (MP3, 4MB). The second pic is Bickler again.

More voice samples could be found on Pete's website (now only available as an Archive.org snapshot). Here are a couple of YouTube sightings (live RMOG sessions): [1], [2]

Anne Bowerman

Possibly her

Nothing's for sure, of course, but a degree in Modern Languages, who worked for 6 years as Human Relations Director at a software house... why not? PLEASE don't try to contact her to get her to do voice acting for a project of yours... ;)

George Adams

Possibly him

A George Adams had a football show on AM radio (WCRE 1420 South Carolina), but the name is pretty common. Whoever he is, Oni's "George Adams" (could very well be an alias) was recently credited for a few voices in Wideload's (i.e. Alex Seropian's) Stubbs the Zombie, so we can always ask them...

Additional voices

Doug Zartman

Comguys and a few generic males
An old profile page

He's responsible for the "Frog blast the vent core!" phrase and other stuff.

Also credited for Stubbs the Zombie, so he's still around.

Mickey O'Donnell

Generic females

Obviously another relative of Marty O'Donnell, just like Bob O'Donnell (Kerr)