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TXMB : Texture Map Big
XML modding tips
  • See HERE to start learning about XML modding.
  • See HERE if you are searching for information on how to handle object coordinates.
  • See HERE for some typical modding errors and their causes.

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General information

1024x768 made of ...

_00 - 256x256
_01 - 256x256
_02 - 256x256
_03 - 256x256
_04 - 256x256
_05 - 256x256
_06 - 256x256
_07 - 256x256
_08 - 256x256
_09 - 256x256
_10 - 256x256
_11 - 256x256

| _00 | _01 | _02 | _03 |
|     |     |     |     |
| _04 | _05 | _06 | _07 |
|     |     |     |     |
| _08 | _09 | _10 | _11 |
|     |     |     |     |
640x480 made of ...

_0 - 256x256
_1 - 256x256
_2 - 128x256
_3 - 256x224
_4 - 256x224
_5 - 128x224

| _0  | _1  |_2|
|     |     |  |
|     |     |  |
| _3  | _4  |_5|
|     |     |  |
  • The XML code on this page is compatible with OniSplit v0.9.61.0.
  • TXMB files create the splashscreens which we see at the start and end of levels (making three total: the title screen, an endscreen for losing the level, and one for winning).
  • A TXMB file simply hold links to TXMPs which are assembled by Oni to display a larger picture than the maximum size of a single texture.
    The current max resolution for a single TXMP in Windows is 512x512 and on Mac is 1024x1024 as of 2018.
  • The arrangement of the constituent TXMPs into columns and rows is computed at runtime. Probably the engine stacks TXMPs horizontally until the value in the Width field is reached, and then starts a new row.
  • TXMBs are displayed with the BSL command "splash_screen image_name". They can be called whenever we like; during their display, the game will be paused.

Example TXMB — TXMBwin_splash_screen.xml (from level1_Final/NoGlobal)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <TXMB id="0">
XML TXMB modded.png

Example TXMP -- TXMPlevel01_win_0.xml (from level1_Final/NoGlobal)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
       <Flags>DisableUWrap  DisableVWrap</Flags>

Creating a TXMB


You can create the TXMB manually by splitting a large image into pieces, converting them to TXMP.oni files with OniSplit, and then referencing them in a TXMB.xml file in the format given under "General information". Note that the intro screen PSDs linked to under "Splashscreen template" have built-in guides for quick slicing of an image (see the read-me in the ZIP). Once you have converted the slices to .oni format and have written the TXMB.xml file, pass it to OniSplit with the "-create" command to get the TXMB.oni file. You now have the TXMB.oni and TXMP.oni files that you need to present a splashscreen in your level.


It's much faster to use Vago to create a TXMB and its constituent TXMPs — see Vago's menu item "Tools>Background Image Wizard".

Algorithm to split an image for TXMB

The following algorithm seems to work correctly in generating a 640x480 TXMB, the size that is used in vanilla Oni. The algorithm is currently used in Vago for TXMB creation. It works as follows:
Try to fit 256x256 images into the TXMB's space until you aren't able to add any more images of that size, then find the remaining width/height left to complete the TXMB. Example:

256x256    | 256x256    | 128x256 *

256x224 ** | 256x224 ** | 128x224* **

*We add an image of 128px width, because anything more would overflow the TXMB's 640px width.

**We add images of 224px height, because 256px height images would have overflowed the TXMB's 480px height.

Algorithm pseudo code:

function getSplitSizes(int sideSize){
   vector splitSizes;
   int remainingSize = sideSize;
   int regularSize = 256;
   while (remainingSize > 0){
      if(remainingSize - regularSize < 0){
         remainingSize = 0;
         remainingSize = remainingSize - regularSize;
   return splitSizes;

Automatically-loaded TXMBs

There are three TXMBs that Oni automatically loads by name upon specific events:

  • TXMBintro_splash_screen
    • Savepoint loaded
  • TXMBwin_splash_screen
    • Level won ("win" BSL function is called)
  • TXMBfail_splash_screen
    • Level failed ("lose" BSL function is called)

These files are looked for in the specific level's folder. If they are not provided, the engine simply skips them.

Reassembling a TXMP

OniSplit does not offer to extract TXMBs to a single composite image made up of the individual TXMPs. It will only extract to XML a list of the TXMP names. If you have ImageMagick installed, use this command on the TXMPs to reassemble them into one large image:

montage -mode concatenate -tile 4x TXMPlevelXX_fail_*.png TXMPlevelXX_fail.png
  • The images of course need to be passed to IM in the correct order; the numerical order determined by their names will work, but only if they are named with two-digit padding (TXMPlevelXX_fail_00.png, …_01.png, etc.). Otherwise, TXMPlevelXX_fail_10.png would come right after …fail_1.png and before …fail_2.png.
  • The "4" in "tile -4x" is derived from your knowing that this TXMB is 1024x1024 and the TXMPs are 256px wide, therefore the TXMB is made up of 4 columns of TXMPs.

Splashscreen template

ViciousReilly provided to the community the following Adobe Photoshop templates that allow any modder to create similar splashscreens to the ones found in the original game. If you use the templates, please give credit to ViciousReilly for his work!

The Xenotron font, used by Oni and by us in these templates, can be downloaded from the Xenotron page.

Samples of splashscreens produced with the above templates (note: final versions of splashscreens in mods may include extra editing not present in the templates):