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This is about a Windows-only patch for the game engine. For the entity within the game's story, see Daodan. For information on the patches to Mac versions of Oni and historical patching of Windows Oni, see the Patches category. Also see OniX, a rebuild of the Oni application for modern Windows systems.

The Daodan DLL is a patch for Oni for Windows that hooks into the game engine to fix bugs and add features. It does this by posing as binkw32.dll, the library that Oni loads so that it can play the game's opening and ending videos. The Daodan fixes issues such as the famous "Blam!" error that occurs on modern machines. It also adds new features such as support for widescreen resolutions and bonus cheat codes. The Daodan DLL was created by SFeLi and then developed further by RossyMiles, Gumby and Alloc.

Subpages: Change log

Note that you already have the Daodan DLL installed if you installed the Anniversary Edition.

Manual installation instructions

(For non-AE users)

1. You'll have to extract the Daodan DLL files yourself from the AE package here. The files you need are in the plain\win_only\ directory.
2. Extract the Oni.exe meant to go with the Daodan DLL from the AE package here.
3. Find where your copy of Oni has been installed on your hard drive; usually it's "C:\Program Files\Oni\". This folder should contain GameDataFolder and Oni.exe (just called "Oni" if you have file extensions hidden). Back up this Oni.exe by renaming it (e.g. "Oni-original.exe").
4. Place the newly-downloaded Oni.exe, binkw32.dll, realbink.dll, and assorted files into the Oni\ folder.
5. To confirm that you have done everything correctly, run Oni.exe. Enter the game, bring up the Data Comlink (F1 by default), and type "tellmetheversion"; if you get a result like "Daodan v.x.y", the DLL is working.


If the game does not display correctly (for instance, a black window), try the following in any order:

1. Disable the intro movie by renaming GameDataFolder\intro.bik. This often fixes the game window.
2. Open the daodan.ini in Notepad and set either "daodangl" or "windowhack" to true. "windowhack" should at least center the window on the screen.
3. Try launching Oni as Administrator.
4. Make the Oni folder writable by un-checking "Read-only" in the Properties window for the folder.
5. Try both the run_full and run_wind scripts.

You can report problems with the Daodan DLL on our Discord server.

Feature summary

  • Buffer overflow patch – Fixes Oni crashing at startup on modern computers.
  • Windowed mode – Oni can run inside a window properly.
  • Custom screen resolutions – Includes many more possible screen resolutions.
  • BGRA32 (ARGB8888) texture support.
  • Extra cheats – See § Added cheat codes.
  • Cheats always enabled – No need to beat game first.
  • Extra command-line options (for advanced users) – For a list, type "Oni -help".
  • A new input system based on Raw Input, which should fix mouse lag and judder, as well as disabling mouse acceleration.
  • AIs have ability to properly dodge projectiles.
  • Stops fly-in character portraits from being stretched when playing in widescreen resolutions.
  • Enables Developer Mode – Enter the Data Comlink and type "thedayismine" or simply 'x' to activate it.


The Daodan DLL offers support for the Chinese version of the game as well as multibyte languages in general (see "multibyte" under § All configuration settings). It also adds some basic localization support by allowing cheat code names and two hardcoded strings in Oni to be translated.

To enable Chinese support, type:

Chinese = True

This will load a DLL called xfhsm_oni.dll (provided with a Chinese copy of Oni in order to load the Chinese font that also comes with it).

Here are the strings that you can replace using the .ini file:

INI name Description
blam Replaces body text of the Blam window.
damn Replaces title of the Blam window.
savepoint Replaces string "Save Point" in Load Game menu (see "Locales" below).
syndicatewarehouse Replaces string "Syndicate Warehouse" in Load Game menu (see "Locales" below).
nameofcheat_on/_off Replaces name of the built-in cheat code as it appears on the Data Comlink screen when code is entered. E.g., "behemoth_on=Gojira Desu!".


In order to use the "savepoint" and "syndicatewarehouse" settings above, you must create a locale:

1. Add a setting called "language" under the daodan.ini's [language] section with the name of your locale, e.g.:
language = xx
You can call the locale whatever you want and it need not be an official ISO locale code such as "en" or "pt", but here's the list of language codes if you want it.
2. Create a folder alongside the Daodan DLL called "daodan_locales".
3. Create an INI file inside called xx.ini (or whatever you called your locale in step 1).
4. The contents of the INI should be:
savepoint = translation
syndicatewarehouse = translation

The next time Oni runs, you should see your translated strings in the Load Game screen. This approach allows you to create/download as many locale INIs as you want, place them in daodan_locales, and switch between them by changing the "language" setting in daodan.ini.


Creating a plain-text file called "daodan.ini" in the same directory as the Daodan DLL will allow you to configure which patches are enabled, as well as to store configuration settings and language items. This file is typically created by the Daodan DLL the first time it loads.

On modern versions of Windows (starting with Windows Vista), Oni does not properly request write access to the directory containing Oni.exe (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Oni in typical installs). Windows detects this, and creates a dedicated directory for Oni.exe (and thus the Daodan DLL) to write its files to, located in C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore. The directory for Oni will mirror its relative path on disk, so in a typical install it will be at VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Oni. This is where all files output by the program (startup.txt, persist.dat, key_config.txt, etc.) will be located when Oni is not run as an administrator. This is the location where daodan.ini must be placed if Oni is to be run as a non-administrator. Note that you can create your own folder for Oni, e.g. C:\Games\, to avoid this permissions issue.

Inside of the daodan.ini file, each configuration setting is stored inside a section as a name-value pair. To temporarily disable a setting in the INI, add a '#' to the beginning of the line and the Daodan will ignore it. Any settings not listed in the INI will use their default values which are listed in § All configuration settings. To change a setting away from its default, add the setting to the relevant section. If the section does not yet exist, add it to the end of the file and add relevant entries under it. Entries are case-insensitive and spacing does not matter.

Here is a simple example of a daodan.ini file:

highres_console = True
showtriggervolumes = True

cooldowntimer = False

daodan.ini may contain the following sections:

  • devmode (Developer Mode Configuration)
  • gameplay (Gameplay Configuration)
  • graphics (Graphics Configuration)
  • language (Language Configuration)
  • modding (Modding Configuration)
  • oni (Original Oni Options Configuration)
  • windows (OS Interaction Options)

For information on all possible settings, see § All configuration settings.

Command-line arguments

Command line options for the Daodan DLL can also be used when launching Oni, although the syntax is a little different (and a bit more powerful). The basic syntax for a command line option is this:

-<ini section>.<option> <value>

For example, to disable sound start Oni with this:

oni -options.sound false

When <ini section> is omitted, it is assumed to be options. When <value> is omitted, it is assumed to be true unless <option> starts with no (eg. nosound) in which case it is assumed to be false. So an easier way to write the above command would be:

oni -nosound

Options or patches specified on the command line take precedence over options specified in daodan.ini so that you can temporarily override the usual settings. Currently Oni's command line parser isn't powerful enough to parse Language settings (no support for quoting arguments); this will be fixed in a later release.

All configuration settings

Below are the names of the configuration settings you can turn on and off in daodan.ini (names and sections are case-insensitive). Also noted is whether the DLL has this patch turned on or off by default.

INI Section INI Name Default Description
[devmode] highres_console true Fixes bug where console line becomes invisible at higher resolutions.
[devmode] showtriggervolumes true Allows BSL variable "show_triggervolumes" and Ctrl+Shift+X (in devmode) to work.
[gameplay] bindablecheats true Enables cheats to be bound to keys using key_config.txt. Requires "customactions" and "cheattable" to be on.
[gameplay] characterawareness true Prevents AIs from forgetting about you when they are pursuing you and lose sight of you.
[gameplay] cheatsenabled true Enables cheats without having to beat the game first. Required for using 'tellmetheversion'.
[gameplay] cheattable true Replaces Oni's cheat table with table that includes new cheats (see section below). Required for using 'tellmetheversion'.
[gameplay] cooldowntimer true Disables weapon cooldown exploit, e.g. dropping the Mercury Bow and picking it back up right away to reset weapon cooldown.
[gameplay] customactions true Allows new bindable actions to be registered with the DLL, such as bindable cheats (if "bindablecheats" is on).
[gameplay] kickguns false EXPERIMENTAL! Unfinished, do not use.
[gameplay] pathfinding true Multiplies size of pathfinding grid cache by eight in order to prevent crashes in large levels.
[gameplay] projaware true Allows AI to dodge incoming gunfire properly.
[gameplay] throwtest false EXPERIMENTAL! Enables experimentation with allowing enemies to be thrown over railings.
[gameplay] wpfadetime true Adds working function for existing BSL command wp_fadetime, sets fade time to 4800.
[graphics] binkplay true Fixes binkplay calls to use GDI and outro same mode as intro.
[graphics] daodangl true Provides an improved windowed mode (-noswitch); this patch is known to break the hiding of the Windows taskbar in fullscreen mode.
[graphics] displayenum true Offers a more accurate list of available display modes in the Options menu.
[graphics] gamma true Enables gamma slider in fullscreen, disables it in windowed mode.
[graphics] newweap true Enables weapon info, so that standing above a weapon displays a message containing the weapon name and amount of ammo.
[graphics] optionsvisible true Enables always showing the options button in main menu, even when pausing from a game.
[graphics] showalllasersights false Enables visibility of all (also enemies') weapon lasersights
[graphics] widescreenportraits true Prevents fly-in portraits from being stretched when playing in widescreen resolutions.
[language] chinese true Allows Chinese fonts to be shown if the required DLL is available.
[language] fonttexturecache true Doubles size of font texture cache.
[language] language en Sets locale name for hardcoded strings (see § Locales).
[language] nomultibyte true Enables languages which use multibyte coding (such as Chinese).
[modding] argb8888 true Enables the use of textures using ARGB8888.
[modding] d_regen true Enables script command d_regen (query/set regeneration for any character).
[modding] daodanbsl true Adds new BSL commands (see below).
[modding] hdscreens_lowres true Allows HD intro/ending screens on game resolutions smaller than 1024x768.
[modding] largetextures true Enables the use of textures up to 512x512.
[modding] levelplugins true Allows level files that do not end in "_Final" to be loaded from the GDF.
[oni] debug false Not useful; probably does nothing.
[oni] debugfiles false Enables function logging; when active, BSL function calls are logged to script_debug.txt.
[oni] findsounds false Not useful, extends output of sound_list_broken_links.
[oni] ignore_private_data false Disables the loading of 'private data' in level0. Probably has no effect.
[oni] sound true Enables sound.
[oni] switch true Enables always switching screen to resolution on Oni's Options screen, making the game fullscreen; opposite of Oni's built-in argument "noswitch".
[windows] alttab true Allows user to switch applications while in Oni (Alt-Tab) and use the Windows key; however, it may enable the screensaver as well.
[windows] border true Adds a border in windowed mode if '[graphics] daodangl' is active.
[windows] clipcursor true Limits cursor to Oni's window. This is always enabled if Daodan Input is enabled.
[windows] daodaninput true A new input system which reports input on every frame, which should fix issues with mouse lag/judder and high-FPS displays.
[windows] directinput true Forces on DirectInput when Daodan Input is disabled.
[windows] mousesensitivity 1.0 Multiplier for mouse movement values when Daodan Input is enabled. 1.0 is Oni's default.
[windows] disablecmdline true Disables Oni's existing command line parser as Daodan has its own.
[windows] killvtune false Prevents loading of vtuneapi.dll.
[windows] safeprintf true Replaces Oni's function that prints to startup.txt with a safer one.
[windows] topmost false Keeps game window on top in windowed mode, even when switching applications.
[windows] usegettickcount true Replaces Oni's timing functions with more accurate ones.

Added cheat codes

  • bigbadboss
Player takes less weapon damage.
  • buddha
Player is unkillable (will not go below 1HP).
  • bulletproof
Player takes no weapon damage.
  • kangaroo
Player can make super-high jumps.
  • marypoppins
Player can fly by holding down jump key.
  • shinobi
Extra difficulty mode; player always has 1HP, but also is immune to weapons, and the enemy AI cannot hear the player.

Added BSL functions

Any time a function can both get and set a value, and you set the value, the old value should be returned, barring any programming oversight by Gumby.


  • int int32div n1:int n2:int
Divides two integers
  • int int32mul n1:int n2:int
Multiplies two integers
  • float div [int1:int|float1:float] [int2:int|float2:float]
Divides two two numbers
  • float mul [int1:int|float1:float] [int2:int|float2:float]
Multiplies two numbers
  • int int32rand start:int end:int
Returns a pseudo-random number between two numbers (inclusive).


  • float d_distance [ai_name:string | script_id:int] [ai_name:string | script_id:int]
Gets the distance between two characters
  • int d_getdamage [ai_name:str | script_id:int]
Gets the amount of damage a character has caused
  • int d_getindex [ai_name:str]
Gets a character's script_id from their name
  • int d_getkills [ai_name:str | script_id:int]
Gets the number of kills a character has
  • int d_health [ai_name:str | script_id:int] [newhealth:int]
Gets or sets a character's health
  • int d_holdkey [ai_name:string | script_id:int] keys frames:int
Makes a character hold a key
Possibly broken
  • int d_isheld keys
Checks if player is holding a key
Possibly broken
  • float d_location [ai_name:string | script_id:int] axis:string anything:string
Gets the X, Y or Z coordinate of a character, as specified in "axis"; the "anything" parameter is unused but must be present
  • float d_location [ai_name:string | script_id:int] x:float y:float z:float
Sets the XYZ coordinates of a character
  • int d_maxhealth [ai_name:str | script_id:int] [newmaxhealth:int]
Gets or sets a character's maxhealth
  • string d_name [ai_name:str | script_id:int] [newname:string]
Gets or sets a character's name
  • int d_powerup ai_name:str|script_id:int powerup:str [newcount:int]
Gets or sets the amount of powerups a character has
Powerup list is the same one used with chr_givepowerup, with the addition of "bossshield"
  • int d_regen [ai_name:str | script_id:int] on_off:bool
Gets or sets a character's regeneration (like elderrune for the player)
  • int d_waitforkey keys
Waits for a keypress from the player


  • void d_dprint text:string [textcolor: r b g] [shadowcolor: r b g]
Prints to console in color
Colors are ints between 0 and 255. Other numbers will be reduced to 255.
Any colors you do not supply will be replaced with the default values: 255, 255, 255 and 63, 63. 63
  • string sprintf str1:format ...
Does a C-style sprintf operation on a string

Added input bindings

When Daodan Input is enabled, the following inputs can be bound in key_config.txt in addition to the usual ones.

  • mousebutton5
The "forward" button on most 5-button mice.
  • scrollup
Scrolling up one notch on a mouse scroll wheel or touchpad.
  • scrolldown
Scrolling down one notch on a mouse scroll wheel or touchpad.
  • scrollleft
Scrolling left on a mouse with an omnidirectional scroll wheel or a touchpad.
  • scrollright
Scrolling right on a mouse with an omnidirectional scroll wheel or a touchpad.
  • pagedown
This was broken in DirectInput mode in vanilla Oni.