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If you want an introduction to modding for beginners, you should read Introduction to modding.

The OBD namespace is devoted to documenting Oni's binary data (.dat/.raw[/.sep] files), as reverse-engineered by dedicated members of the fan community. Needless to say, this is a highly technical area of the wiki, and knowledge of topics such as hexadecimal, pointers, and endianness is a prerequisite. Everything about the game's file formats is intended to be documented here, but the core of the Oni Binary Database is the information on resource types ("File types" in the directory below). Note that the XML namespace documents the resource types in a way which is more modding-oriented and modder-friendly.

This database's information has been used by modders in such projects as:

The knowledge documented here was also used to develop modding tools such as:

Knowledge base

Instance file format About .dat files
Raw/separate file format About .raw & .sep files
persist.dat The save-game file
File types Resource types such as ONCC, TRAM, etc.
Data types The format of the integers, floats, etc. in the resources
Globalization Duplication and false duplicates in the resources
Localizations Non-English versions of Oni
Versions Database of all releases' level files
Text encoding Variant text encodings found in localizations
Oni 2 game data About the Angel Studios dev build

External Links

Oni Stuff is the original database of Oni's resource types, source for much of this wiki's OBD. It also contains information which has never been ported to the wiki such as flag locations and data on every character spawned in each level.