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CHAR : Character
XML modding tips
  • See HERE to start learning about XML modding.
  • See HERE if you are searching for information on how to handle object coordinates.
  • See HERE for some typical modding errors and their causes.

AKEV << Other file types >> CONS

TMBD << Other BINA >> ONIE

WEAP << Other OBJC >> CMBT

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General information

  • The XML code on this page is based on OniSplit v0.9.61.0
  • BINACJBOCharacter.oni is level specific (it can be found in AE/AEInstaller/vanilla/levelX_Final.dat).
  • An alternative method for creating characters is AISA.
  • All original characters can be seen HERE. (The lists include the ONCC name, character's BSL name, health, team and attached BSL event function names.)

XML structure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

[...] means at least one character. Paste all character data into there (this includes <CHAR Id="..."> and </CHAR> tag).


       <CHAR Id="3860">
               <Position>-543.22 159 -630.0954</Position>
               <Rotation>0 180 0</Rotation>

XML tag Content type Description
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> float, flag There's no reason to change this.
<Oni> -
<Objects> -
<CHAR Id="3860"> integer ID doesn't matter. -- For level import use <CHAR>.
<Header> -
<Flags> - obsolete
<Position> float x3 character is spawned at this XYZ position
<Rotation> float x3 character is spawned with this XYZ rotation; only Y (facing) is useful
<OSD> -
<Flags> flag determines some special properties
IsPlayer (1) (if you have two of them, and delete one and then spawn the other, if not done simultaneously a camera glitch can appear)
RandomCostume (2) (flag belongs to ONCV) Note: if a character has no alternate costumes, a random ONCC will be picked by the engine!
NotInitiallyPresent (4) (not spawned at level load; must be called from BSL)
NonCombatant (8) (character doesn't fight; character panics if enemy (team) is in range)
CanSpawnMultiple (16)
Spawned (32) (unknown)
Unkillable (64) (character won't lose more HP if it reaches 1; same as BSL command "chr_unkillable")
InfiniteAmmo (128) (Raiden: "You got enough?" Snake points to his head. "Infinite ammo...")
Omniscient (256) (AI will not forget having seen an enemy, and will know enemy's position even if they are not visible to it)
HasLSI (512) (this character drops a level specific item)
Boss (1024) (makes the AI prefer to attack the player; used for Muro in final battle if Griffin's group is present)
UpgradeDifficulty (2048) (spawns a stronger enemy if you play on Normal or Hard)
NoAutoDrop (4096) (doesn't drop "used" shield, "used" invisibility and LSI when killed)

After OniSplit v0.9.54.0, merged integer flags can appear. Let's say you encounter a 6180: then it's actually 4096 + 2048 + 32 + 4.

<Class> char[64] ONCC file name without file prefix and suffix. Character can change appearance with "chr_set_class".
<Name> char[32] used by BSL commands
<Weapon> char[64] ONWC file name without file prefix and suffix. The character is spawned with that weapon.

Original weapon classes:

w1_tap (TCTF pistol)
w2_sap (Syndicate uzi)
w3_phr (plasma rifle)
w4_psm (phase stream projector)
w5_sbg (super ball gun)
w6_vdg (van de graaff pistol)
w7_scc (scram cannon (mini-rockets))
w8_mbo (mercury bow)
w9_scr (screamer gun)
w10_sni (Mukade's fireball)
w11_ba1 (Barabas' gun)
w12_ba2 (-)
<Scripts> string BSL function
<Spawn> (called when character is spawned)
<Die> (called when character dies (health reaches 0); can work multiple times)
<Combat> (called when character notices an enemy; works only once)
<Alarm> (called when character is alarmed)
<Hurt> (called when character is hurt for the first time; works only once)
<Defeated> (called when character is "defeated" (health reaches 1); works only once)
<OutOfAmmo> (called when character runs out of ammo (reloads a weapon with the last clip/cell); works only once, and the character must have the ammo at spawn-time)
<NoPath> (should be called when a character has trouble pathfinding, but isn't)
<AdditionalHealth> integer Base health is stored in ONCC; AdditionalHealth will be added to that base health; a negative value is allowed here, which would reduce base health
<Job> -
<Type> flag
Guard (never used in Oni)
Team Battle (never used in Oni)
Combat (not tested)
Melee (not tested)
Alarm (not tested)
Neutral (not tested)
Panic (not tested)
<PatrolPathId> integer Use <Type>None if you don't want a character to have a patrol path; otherwise the character won't fight.
<Behaviors> - specified by IDs linking to melee, combat and neutral profile collection file
<CombatId> flag
0 (Stand_and_Fire)
1 (Murder)
2 (Shoot_And_Fight)
3 (Take_my_Big_Black_Stuff)
4 (Assault)
5 (Civilian)
6 (Pursuit)
7 (Group_battle)
8 (Watchman)
9 (Barabbas_TCTF)
11 (SuperNinja)
12 (Griffin)
13 (Mutant_Muro)
14 (Alarm Guard)
15 (Non-Combatant)
16 (Griffin_Final)
207 (Sniper)
208 (Sniper For Joe)
17 (Average_striker; new profile for AE)
<MeleeId> flag here are all melee IDs sorted by ID
<NeutralId> flag these profiles are level-specific
<Inventory> -
<Ammo> integer
<Use> (Player is spawned with this many ammo clips.)
<Drop> (AI drops these items when defeated.)
<EnergyCell> integer
<Hypo> integer
<Use> (AI cannot use hypos.)
<Shield> integer
<Invisibility> integer
<Team> flag

Characters of the same team can be made to attack each other via ai2_attack aiNameAttacker aiNameDefender 1 although melee damage is only dealt when team flags of both characters create a hostile match.

Switzerland (is melee-immune)
<AmmoPercentage> integer ammo in weapon, percent value: 0 - 100, overload not tested
<Alert> - HERE you get some helpful information on how to use "Alert" and "Pursuit".
<Initial> flag initial alert level, see <Alert> for all flags
<Minimal> flag minimal alert level, see <Alert> for all flags
<JobStarting> flag alert level when starting a job, see <Alert> for all flags
<Investigating> flag alert level when investigating, see <Alert> for all flags
<AlarmGroups> integer It's a bitset32 converted to int32. For any bit ("N") that is 1, the scripting command "ai2_tripalarm N" is called, alerting the AI with that scripting ID
VAR = 2^N1 + 2^N2 + 2^N3 etc.
<Pursuit> -
<StrongUnseen> flag usually Look, see <Pursuit> for all flags
<WeakUnseen> flag usually Forget, see <Pursuit> for all flags
<StrongSeen> flag usually Look, see <Pursuit> for all flags
<WeakSeen> flag usually Look, see <Pursuit> for all flags
<Lost> flag usually ReturnToJob