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This is an overview of Oni's "level 0 files" (file types that are only found in level0_Final and available globally).



Type Description Notes
CONS Console -
DOOR Door -
DPge Diary Page -
HPge Help Page -
KeyI Key Icons -
OFGA Object Furn Geom Array -
ONGS Oni Game Settings -
ONLD Oni Game Level Descriptor -
ONVL Oni Variant List -
OSBD Oni Sound Binary Data -
PSpL Part Specification List -
PSUI Part Specifications UI -
StNA String Array -
Type Description Notes
SUBT Subtitle Array -
TRGE Trigger Emitter -
TRIG Trigger -
TSFL Font Language -
TSFT Font -
TSGA Glyph Array -
TStr String -
TURR Turret -
WMCL WM Cursor List -
WMDD WM Dialog Data -
WMM_ WM Menu -
WMMB WM Menu Bar -
WPge Weapon Page -
- - -