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This is an overview of Oni's "level 0 files": file types that are only found in level0_Final, making them available globally. Some files can be either global or local (level-specific), and those are not listed here.

Type Description
BINA/PAR3 3D Particle
BINA/OBJC Objects (Combat and Melee Profile only)
BINA/SABD Sound Animations Binary Data
BINA/TMBD Texture Materials Binary Data
BINA/ONIE Impact Effects
CONS Console
DPge Diary Page
HPge Help Page
Impt Impact Tree
KeyI Key Icons
Mtrl Material
OFGA Object Furn Geom Array
ONCV Character Variant
ONGS Game Settings
ONLD Level Descriptor
ONVL Oni Variant List
ONWC Weapon Class
Type Description
OSBD Oni Sound Binary Data
PSpc Part Specification
PSpL Part Specification List
PSUI Part Specifications UI
StNA String Array
SUBT Subtitle Array
TRGE Trigger Emitter
TRIG Trigger
TSFF Font Family
TSFL Font Language
TSGA Glyph Array
TStr String
TURR Turret
WMCL WM Cursor List
WMDD WM Dialog Data
WMM_ WM Menu
WMMB WM Menu Bar
WPge Weapon Page