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Amanda Winn Lee.jpg
Amanda Winn-Lee
Norm Woodel.gif
Norm Woodel
Kurt Naebig.gif
Kurt Naebig
Kevin Gudahl.jpg
Kevin Gudahl
Bob O'Donnell.jpg
Bob O'Donnell
Pete Stacker.jpg
Pete Stacker
Anne Bowerman.jpg
Anne Bowerman
Doug Zartman.jpg
Doug Zartman
Tim Dadabo.jpg
Tim Dadabo

This page takes a look at what we know about the voice actors in the original English version of Oni, then briefly covers the Japanese dub actors.

English voices

Amanda Winn-Lee

Wikipedia page

Has voiced various anime heroines, such as Deunan in Appleseed, Gally/Alita in GUNNM, Nancy Makuhari in Read or Die OVA, and Rei in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Amanda's focus eventually shifted from voice acting to directing anime dubs. Now semi-retired.

Norm Woodel

Official website

Last name pronounced "Wuh-DELL". A popular male voice in the USA for voice-over work, as well as doing theater and some TV roles.

Kurt Naebig

Official website

Last name pronounced "NAY-big". An actor and long-time drama teacher at the Acting Studio of Chicago.

Kurt Naebig 2.jpg Kurt Naebig 3.jpg

Kevin Gudahl


Last name pronounced "GOOD-all". An actor, mainly in theater.

Bob O'Donnell


Father of Oni's lead sound designer Marty O'Donnell. Passed away in 2018. Did the voice of several units in Myth including dwarves, hence the Easter egg SNDDcdorf: "Whoops! Sorry about that, Konoko...".

Pete Stacker

Griffin, TCTF Black Ops
Official website (defunct)

Like Norm Woodel, he's a popular male voice in commercials, promotions, movie trailers, etc. He has voiced the trailers for e.g. Batman Begins, A Scanner Darkly, Hide and Seek, The New World (and comedy, too). But he's best known for Budweiser's Real Men of Genius series, where he teamed up with ex-Survivor singer Dave Bickler (the one who sang Eye of the Tiger).

Pete Stacker 2.jpg

Here is Pete (front) before/after a fun session about Bud Light's Real Men of Genius, together with Dave Bickler (left), on Foxx and MacKenzie's show on 97.1 radio ("#1 for classic rock"). You can listen to the piece HERE (MP3, 4MB).

More voice samples could be found on Pete's website above (now only available as an Archive.org snapshot). Here are a couple of YouTube sightings (live RMOG sessions): [1], [2]

Anne Bowerman

Her LinkedIn profile

A regular voice actor who had appeared in "hundreds of commercials" by the time she was cast in Oni.

George Adams


On IMDb, the voice actor for Barabas is presented as the same person who voiced Cap'n Crunch in the '90s and '00s. Interestingly, he was featured in this Chicago Tribune article (Bungie was based in Chicago). If this is indeed the same person, George J. Adams, he was the voice of a well-known cereal mascot for the duration of many people's childhood, but surprisingly no known pictures of him exist on the Web. George Adams was also credited for a few voices in Wideload's (i.e. Alex Seropian's) Stubbs the Zombie.

Doug Zartman

Comguys and a few generic males
An old profile by Bungie.org

He's responsible for Marathon's famous "Frog blast the vent core!" phrase and other stuff. He has remained within the "Seropiansphere", credited on "Stubbs the Zombie", and most recently working as community manager on Battlefield Mobile (the title that Seropian's Industrial Toys was developing before it was cancelled).

Mickey O'Donnell

Fury, female civilians

The sister of Marty O'Donnell, Mickey was never credited for another video game role besides Oni.

Tim Dadabo

Striker, Tanker, Sniper, Thug, male civilians
Official website

Although he was somehow left out of Oni's credits, Dadabo was the actor behind some memorable taunts and other lines from the above enemies. In the video game world, Dadabo is most famous for being the voice of 343 Guilty Spark. He has also played Larry in one of the Leisure Suit Larry games. He seems to have become acquainted with Marty O'Donnell in 1999 when he voiced a character in "Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator", a game that Bungie had no association with but for which TotalAudio made all audio for. Marty then cast him in Oni, then brought him along to Halo where he played the aforementioned AI. Dadabo then stayed in the "Seropiansphere", voicing characters in three titles from Wideload Games, in which he played various characters in Stubbs the Zombie, two of the ten playable characters in Hail to the Chimp, and "Kid Riddle" in Guilty Party.

Japanese voices

Kotono Mitsuishi

Konoko's voice actor, Mrs. Mitsuishi, has had a distinguished career. Among many other roles, she is known for Sailor Moon, Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Excel in Excel Saga.

Ayako Kawasumi

In addition to playing Shinatama, Kawasumi also played the androids Melfina in Outlaw Star and Mahoro in Mahoromatic. She was also Fuu in Samurai Champloo.

Takeshi Kusao

Muro's voice actor also played the intense Trunks on Dragon Ball Z/Super.

Tessho Genda

Mr. Genda is one of the most prolific and recognizable voices in Japan. A short list of his roles: Optimus Prime (Transformers), Batman (Batman: The Animated Series), Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox (Naruto), Kaido (One Piece), and Kratos (God of War). In the 1995 "Ghost in the Shell" movie which inspired Oni, he played Chief Nakamura (of Section 6, not to be confused with Chief Aramaki of Section 9). He also dubs live-action roles played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you look over his massive filmography you're sure to recognize plenty more roles.

Mitsuo Senda

Mr. Senda played Dr. Kerr, but was apparently more active in live-action dubbing than anime and video games. He died in 2023 at the age of 82.

Ken Narita

The voice actor for Prof. Hasegawa also played Sesshomaru in Inuyasha and took on the roles of Saito Hajime in Rurouni Kenshin and Bright Noa in Mobile Suit Gundam after the original actors passed away.

Hiroshi Tsuchida

Tsuchida, who played Barabas, is mostly known for his live-action dubbing of American actors who don't have any of the physicality of the Syndicate enforcer, such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tobey Maguire, Ryan Reynolds and Jon Cryer.

Taiten Kusunoki

Muro's voice actor is best known in Japan for dubbing live-action roles played by The Rock and Vin Diesel.

Shigenori Soya

Soya is not a super-notable voice actor, but it's worth remarking on the fact that he was apparently brought in to voice the Deadly Brain, a character who merely grunts three times. We don't even know who did the grunting in English.