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IGMD is a subfolder of GameDataFolder, where the level logic is defined, chapter by chapter. If the contents of this folder are missing or corrupt, nothing interesting will ever happen :-) If you think your folder has been corrupted, download a .zip file of the unmodified files for your platform: Windows, Mac.

Notes on this folder

  • The scripts in the subfolders of IGMD are plain-text files with a .bsl extension, written in BFW Scripting Language.
  • Oni treats the level folder names as case-insensitive, so you can rename "EnvWarehouse" to "eNvwArEhOuSe" and you'll still be able to play Chapter 1.
  • The Mac and Windows scripts are identical except for minor differences in tctf_ii_cutscene.bsl and tctf2.bsl for the boss battle of Chapter 13, shown HERE.
  • The folders only present in the Euro Mac and PS2 IGMDs are development relics which do not correspond to Chapters of the game; there are no level#_Final.dat/.raw(/.sep) files for them and so the script folders are never looked up by the engine. See HERE for an overview of the cut levels.
  • The PS2's script folders 12/ (EnvWarehouse/) and 15/ (manplant/) each contain a "test" subfolder which is a backup of the unmodified scripts. The scripts in the main folder for each level are typically modified from the PC version, although those modifications are minor (documented on PS2 vs PC).
Standard Win/
Mac release
European Mac
Station 2
Chapter Location (as in Load Game dialog)
global/ 13/ Loads for all levels
EnvWarehouse/ EnvWarehouse/ EnvWarehouse/ 12/ 0: COMBAT TRAINING
TCTF Training
Syndicate Warehouse
manplant/ manplant/ MANPLANT/ 15/ 2: ENGINES OF EVIL Manufacturing Plant
lab/ lab/ LAB/ 14/ 3: PUZZLE PIECES Bio-Research Lab
Airport/ Airport/ Airport/ 1/ 4: TIGER BY THE TAIL Airport Assault
Airport_II/ 2/ (cut) Airport Part Deux
Airport_III/ Airport_III/ Airport_III/ 3/ 5: HOT PURSUIT Airport Cargo Hangars
tctf/ tctf/ TCTF/ 23/ 6: COUNTERATTACK TCTF Regional HQ
power/ power/ POWER/ 18/ 7: A FRIEND IN NEED Atmospheric Conversion Center (exterior)
power_II/ power_II/ power_II/ 19/ 8: AN INNOCENT LIFE Atmospheric Conversion Center (interior)
state/ state/ STATE/ 22/ 9: TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES Regional State Building
roof/ roof/ ROOF/ 20/ 10: CAT AND MOUSE Rooftops
dream_lab/ dream_lab/ dream_lab/ 11/ 11: DREAM DIVER Doctor Hasegawa's Lab
neuro/ neuro/ NEURO/ 16/ 12: SINS OF THE FATHER TCTF Science Prison
BGI/ 16/ (cut) BGI HQ
tctf_ii/ tctf_ii TCTF_II 24/ 13: PHOENIX RISING TCTF Regional HQ (redux)
compound/ compound/ COMPOUND/ 8/ 14: DAWN OF THE CHRYSALIS Syndicate Mountain Compound
aop/ 4/ (multiplayer) The Arena of Pain
CZ/ 9/ (multiplayer) Crossing Zone
pit/ 17/ (multiplayer) Pit
CZ_II/ 10/ (multiplayer) Crossing Zone Too
cap/ 7/ (multiplayer) Capture
ats/ 5/ (development) AlexTestSite
SR/ 21/ (development) FiringRange