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File types are what we call Oni's different resource types, even though these resources are combined together into a few large files on disk (see Instance file to learn about them). Each type of resource or "file" is designated by a FourCC, commonly referred to as a "tag" in other modding communities. Each file type is made up of fields with individual pieces of data (see OBD:Data types to learn how they're stored).

There are 135 file types documented below – 87 regular types, 2 wrapper types (BINA and OBJC), 4 BINA subtypes, 16 BINA/OBJC subtypes, 16 defunct types, and 10 unused types. There is a less technical set of documentation in the XML namespace for most of the file types, but the database below is our core reference for the file format and thus is the ultimate authority from which we create the XML documentation and our modding tools.

For convenience, the BINA and BINA/OBJC tags are listed in the "All tags" table, but redirect to their own separate tables below that. The unused and defunct tags are listed only in their separate tables at the bottom.

View the below resource types grouped by purpose.
Named/unnamed resources
Global resources

All used tags

Here are the 109 file types that Oni actually uses, or 107 if you don't count the wrapper types "BINA" and "OBJC". The regular types' tag codes in this table link to their byte-level documentation, and the BINA and OBJC tag codes direct you to the lower tables devoted to those collections. (There are actually 105 entries in this table since four OBJC subtypes have the same tag codes as regular types, as marked by the "also see" notes.)

Tag Description OK?
ABNA BSP Tree Node Array ^_^
AGQC Gunk Quad Collision Array ^_^
AGQG Gunk Quad General Array ^_^
AGQR Gunk Quad Render Array ^_^
AISA AI Character Setup Array
AKAA Adjacency Array ^_^
AKBA Side Array ^_^
AKBP BSP Node Array ^_^
AKEV Akira Environment ^_^
AKOT Oct Tree ^_^
AKVA BNV Node Array
BINA Binary Data (BINA tags are below ⬇︎) --
CBPI Character Body Part Impacts ^_^
CBPM Character Body Part Material ^_^
CHAR see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
CMBT see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
CONS Console (also see BINA/OBJC/CONS ⬇︎) ^_^
CRSA Corpse Array ^_^
DOOR Door (also see BINA/OBJC/DOOR ⬇︎)
DPge Diary Page ^_^
ENVP Env Particle Array ^_^
FLAG see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
FURN see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
HPge Help Page ^_^
IDXA Index Array ^_^
IGPA IGUI Page Array ^_^
IGPG IGUI Page ^_^
IGSA IGUI String Array ^_^
IGSt IGUI String ^_^
Impt Impact Tree ^_^
IPge Item Page ^_^
KeyI Key Icons ^_^
M3GA Geometry Array ^_^
Tag Description OK?
M3GM Geometry ^_^
MELE see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
Mtrl Material ^_^
NEUT see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
OBAN Object Animation ^_^
OBJC Objects (OBJC tags are below ⬇︎) --
OBOA Starting Object Array
OFGA Object Furn Geom Array ^_^
ONCC Oni Character Class
ONCP Oni Character Particle Array
ONCV Oni Character Variant ^_^
ONGS Oni Game Settings
ONIA Oni Character Impact Array ^_^
ONIE see BINA tags ⬇︎ --
ONLD Oni Game Level Descriptor ^_^
ONLV Oni Game Level ^_^
ONOA Object Gunk Array ^_^
ONSK Oni Sky Class ^_^
ONVL Oni Variant List ^_^
ONWC Oni Weapon Class
OPge Objective Page ^_^
OSBD Oni Sound Binary Data
OTIT Oct Tree Interior Node Array ^_^
OTLF Oct Tree Leaf Node Array ^_^
PAR3 see BINA tags ⬇︎ --
PART see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
PATR see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
PLEA Plane Equation Array ^_^
PNTA 3D Point Array ^_^
PSpc Part Specification ^_^
PSpL Part Specification List ^_^
PSUI Part Specifications UI ^_^
PWRU see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
QTNA Quad Tree Node Array ^_^
SABD see BINA tags ⬇︎ --
Tag Description OK?
SNDD Sound Data ^_^
SNDG see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
SUBT Subtitle Array ^_^
TMBD see BINA tags ⬇︎ --
TRAC Animation Collection ^_^
TRAM Totoro Animation Sequence ^_^
TRAS Totoro Aiming Screen ^_^
TRBS Totoro Body Set ^_^
TRCM Totoro Quaternion Body ^_^
TRGA Totoro Quaternion Body Geometry Array ^_^
TRGE Trigger Emitter ^_^
TRGV see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
TRIA Totoro Quaternion Body Index Array ^_^
TRIG Trigger (also see BINA/OBJC/TRIG ⬇︎) ^_^
TRMA Texture Map Array ^_^
TRSC Screen (Aiming) Collection ^_^
TRTA Totoro Quaternion Body Translation Array ^_^
TSFF Font Family ^_^
TSFL Font Language ^_^
TSFT Font ^_^
TSGA Glyph Array ^_^
TURR Turret (also see BINA/OBJC/TURR ⬇︎)
TXAN Texture Map Animation ^_^
TXCA Texture Coordinate Array ^_^
TXMA Texture Map Array ^_^
TXMB Texture Map Big ^_^
TXMP Texture Map ^_^
TxtC Text Console ^_^
VCRA 3D Vector Array ^_^
WEAP see BINA/OBJC tags ⬇︎ --
WMCL WM Cursor List ^_^
WMDD WM Dialog Data ^_^
WMM_ WM Menu ^_^
WMMB WM Menu Bar ^_^
WPge Weapon Page ^_^

BINA tags

Chunks of binary data stored in the .raw/.sep files, including OBJC object lists.

Tag Description OK?
ONIE Oni Impact Effects
PAR3 3D Particle
SABD Sound Animations Binary Data
TMBD Texture Materials Binary Data


Lists of objects within a level, stored in the .raw/.sep files.

Tag Description OK?
CHAR Character
CMBT Combat profile
CONS Console
FURN Furniture
Tag Description OK?
MELE Melee profile
NEUT Neutral behavior
PART Particle
PATR Patrol path
PWRU Powerup
Tag Description OK?
SNDG Sound Group
TRGV Trigger Volume
TRIG Trigger
TURR Turret
WEAP Weapon

Unused tags

Unused types still exist in the game data, and are typically looked up by the engine, but are not used.

Tag Description OK?
AGDB Gunk Quad Debug Array ^_^
AITR AI Script Trigger Array
AKDA Door Frame Array
OBDC Door Class Array
Tag Description OK?
ONFA Imported Flag Node Array
ONMA Imported Marker Node Array
ONSA Imported Spawn Array
Tag Description OK?
ONTA Trigger Array
StNA String Array ^_^
TStr String ^_^

Defunct tags

Defunct types still have templates registered for them in the engine, but the data does not exist any longer. We have not bothered to document the data using their templates, except for "OBLS", which was of interest because it was linked to "TURR" and because we have an editing window for it from the level0_Tools resources.

Tag Description OK?
3CLA RGB Color Array --
AGQM Gunk Quad Material --
AIWA AI Imported Waypoint Array --
EDIA Edge Index Array --
FXLR FX Laser Effect --
GMAN Geometry Animation --
Tag Description OK?
M3TA Triangle Array --
NMSA Network Spawn Point Array --
OBLS Object LS Data ^_^
QUDA Quad Array --
TMFA Float Array --
Tag Description OK?
TMRA Template Reference Array --
TRFT Totoro Facing Table --
TXPC Texture Procedure Data --
UUEA Error Binding Array --
UVDL UV Data List --